Flower Dealer Meg

Born and raised in Philadelphia Meagan grew up planting with her Father. A small garden that became her first job and love for planting. They grew strawberries, eggplant, tomatoes, and her curiosity.  Her Mother was a plant lover. A home enriched with house plants, clippings of foraged stems that she propagated in old mason jars. Her parent’s love would teach her that her mind is a garden that should grow wildly. The caretakers of an important seed they constantly watered: Meagan a wild flower embarking on life.   


Grounded by her parents' support to be a creative being and experience life’s magical gifts. Meagan would continue to marvel in her expression of art. Nurturing her-artistic outlets, Meagan went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design. Prints, patterns, and color would fuel her imagination to honor her gifts. After many years of fashion, Meagan set sail to other paths that inspired her upbringing and the memories of her parents.  

Meagan found herself back in the garden after the birth of her child. Trying to recreate and honor her parent's teachings. Forming that same foundation for her child would lead her to the early stages of Botanic Village.  Her infatuation for flowers and plants grew rapidly, inspiring her to share her creative talents and her love for flowers. Honoring everything she’s learned along the way would help her hound in a craft of combining textures, color, design, and love. Without much thought just a feeling Meagan started, what is now Botanic Village.  

Connecting her upbringing and moments that hold special meaning to her clients, Meagan has finally found her home. Botanic Village